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Hot Seat Tablet

The Hot Seat Tablet is a portable 11" tablet that allows your staff to interact in a fun way with carded players throughout your casino floor. Use any of our Video Scratch & Win or e-Game Board games and reward carded players with the chance to win fabulous prizes up to $1,000,000 just for using their players card while on property. We have many game themes available or we can customize one just for you. Run a different theme each month and dress your staff to match as they roam the floor looking for the next lucky contestant.




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Game Options:

Choose one or more of the following, or give us a call to develop a custom hot seat tablet promotion to fit your needs and budget.


Video Scratch & Win

A virtual scratch card game where contestants pick 6 squares on the tablet to reveal underlying symbols. If they pick 6 winning symbols they win $1,000,000 (or any other amount insured by Odds On's prize insurance). Pick 0-5 and win ancillary prizes of your choice. This game is quick to play and easy to understand.


Pick $X. Win $Y (ex: Pick $1,000. Win $1,000,000.)

Just as the name says, contestants pick 3 electronic images (envelopes) on the tablet. If they accumulate $1,000, they win $1,000,000 (or any other amount insured by Odds On's prize insurance). Or, they win what they accumulate. This game is easy to understand and allows you to fix your budget within tight parameters.

Pick 'Til You Win

This game will build suspense and excitement by keeping your contestants picking for 3-5 minutes. Contestants pick electronic images (envelopes) on the tablet containing 3 different prizes until they pick the same prize 5 times and walk away the winner of that prize. Grand prizes paid for by Odds On's contest insurance, of course! This is a great game to give away cash and/or prizes such as cars, trips, and gifts.


Climb For Cash

This game is simple to run and easy for contestants to understand.  Contestants are asked to choose 1 of 3 electronic images (envelopes) displayed on Level 1 of the tablet.  If they select the correct image they move up to the next level and repeat the process until they reach Level 10 and win the grand prize, paid for by our prize indemnification insurance.  This game allows you to control your budget to the penny and guarantee winners at each level!


Add'em Up (non-insurable)

Use this game daily to maximize a limited budget and/or qualify contestants for a big weekend or grand finale promotion. Simply give contestants 2-5 picks, the software will add up their results, and announce what they have won.

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