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Super Slot

Get ready for the biggest, richest promotional slot machine ever produced. Odds On’s Super Slot features a stunning 80” monitor, or 50" touchscreen monitor, 360° graphics, and an easy-to-play, easy-to-win interface. Available with or without insured prizes, this promotional slot machine can award free play, points, and other prizes based on a customized prize matrix created to fit your budget. Best of all when the reels line up for the grand prize, Odds On writes the check.  



8' x 10' Mega Prize Slot
80" Screen

Super Slot 80

4' x 8' Deluxe Prize Slot
50" Touchscreen

  Easy Money electronic-Game Board




Step by Step:


Select a theme(s) from the options below, an insured grand prize amount, and up to five self-insured consolation prizes geared for excitement. Or, give us a call to help create a custom-themed game for your property! 


Advertise the chance to win BIG PRIZES at your property!


Players approach the giant Prize Slot, push a giant red button to spin the reels, and win a prize from your custom prize matrix.


Best of all, when the reels line up on the grand prize symbol, your player wins your grand prize, paid for by Odds On!




Prize Slot 80   Prize Slot 50
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Beat the Heat Summer Slot 80   Summer Prize Slot 50
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Gem Prize Slot 80    
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Christmas Prize Slot 50    


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