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G.I. Joe Parachute Drop

Similar to a Duck Race, this is a unique and creative contest idea used as a charity fundraiser. Sell numbered G.I. Joe dolls with parachutes and plan a mass drop from the roof of a building or local bridge. Set up a target on the ground as the landing point. If the preselected lucky G.I. Joe lands within the target, your contestant goes home with a huge prize paid for by Odds On. 


Fundraising G.I. Joe Drop Contest

Parachute Drop Contest Step by Step:


Select your grand prize package, then advertise the chance to win big for supporting your cause!


Participants go to designated locations and make a donation for numbered G.I. Joes. On the day of the event the G.I. Joes are dropped onto a target from the sky.


When one of the G.I. Joes landing closest to the target appears on a preselected list of numbered G.I. Joes, Odds On covers the cost of the prize!


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