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Draft Day Challenge

Draft Day Challenge is a fan-friendly online football pick'em promotion that capitializes on the on the thrills and excitement of the NFL Draft. Contestants simply register and make their picks prior to Draft Day.  If a lucky contestant correctly picks the first round of the draft (32 players), they will be rewarded with an insured grand prize up to $1,000,000 paid by Odds On.

Make this online football contest even bigger by throwing a Draft Day Party, awarding consolation prizes based upon how many correct picks were made!



Draft Day Challenge - Stock Design




Great Database Builder – A custom registration page collects demographic and customer information for future marketing efforts.


Drives Web Traffic -  Customers visit your website to make their picks and check their standings. 

Boost Sales, Loyalty and On-Site Traffic - Optional play codes can be used to gate entry (no code, no play). Distribute play codes on your product, at your tradeshow booth, at points of sale, via email or social media, or during targeted dayparts. Codes can be unique or generic, single or multi-use, once per day/week, or once per person. 


Customized Contest Site - Organization name and logo are prominently displayed on  all pages. 

Optional Prize Pool - All participants can get a second chance to win a self-sponsored 
 prize, driving additional traffic to your site.


Optional Onsite Play Code Distribution Kiosk - Freestanding and countertop kiosks make it easy to give everyone who visits your brick and mortar location or tradeshow booth the chance to play and win. 

“Excellent” Rated Prize Insurance – Every prize package is backed with A (excellent) rated underwriting, ensuring that when you have a big winner, we'll be there to pay for the prize!


24-Hour Customer Service – If anything goes wrong, we’ll be there to fix it.

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