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Video Scratch & Win

Video Scratch & Win is a great way to energize your next event. Advertise a free chance to win up to $100,000 just for showing up. Customers control their own destiny by selecting six spots on the video grid. For example, offer a free drink for one correct selection, a two-for-one meal for two, $50 for three, $100 for four, $500 for five, and $100,000 for six. You set the prizes and frequency for up to five correct selections and Odds On picks up the tab for six! Watch a video to see how Video Scratch & Win works.

Video Scratch & Win Contest Supply

Step by Step:


Choose a theme from our grand prize packages and up to six self-sponsored prizes. Or, contact us to customize a game to match your brand or event theme. Advertise the chance to win big.


Customers approach the touch screen game and using their ļ¬ngertips unveil symbols on a 9x4 grid of squares.


If someone unveils all six winning symbols, they take home the grand prize and Odd On picks up the tab.

Video Scratch & Win

A virtual scratch card game that can be easily customized to fit any promotional theme.

  Video Scratch and Win Game Library  

Sample Lite Kiosk Designs (click for more)


Valentine Video Scratch and Win   St. Patrick's Day Video Scratch and Win
Football Video Scratch and Win   Cornucopia of Cash Video Scratch and Win

Sample Tablet Designs (click for more)


Valentine Video Scratch and Win   Great Gas Giveaway Video Scratch and Win
Flurries of Fortune Video Scratch and Win   Hockey Video Scratch and Win



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