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Watch and Win Promotions

Need to boost tune-in during a TV sweeps rating period? A giant-prize Watch and Win TV Sweeps promotion can be a very effective tool for driving viewership to selected dayparts and keeping audiences engaged, while boosting web traffic and increasing your station’s, or sponsor’s, email database.

In a Watch and Win contest, your advertising will direct viewers to tune-in daily during your selected day parts to get a code number or passphrase for chance to win a larger-than-life grand prize, paid for by Odds On.

The daily code or phrase is then used to activate a quick-playing, online instant win game or to enter a drawing for the chance to participate in a larger game-show style contest.

If one of your lucky viewers has the winning touch, they’ll be rewarded with your grand prize and Odds On will write the check!


Step by Step:


Choose between an online, instant win TV sweeps promotion or a larger, gameshow style watch and win contest.


Select your targeted daypart/audience/show, identify potential contest sponsors.


Based on your sponsors select a giant insured prize (i.e. a car, a $50,000 shopping spree, or $1,000,000) and secure a few rewarding secondary prizes.


Advertise the chance to win the grand prize for tuning in during the selected dayparts and get the "phrase" or "code" of the day.


If a lucky viewer wins your contest, Odds On will be there to pay for the prize.

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"Contests like these add to the game, giving fans a high-quality event filled with excitement from start to finish. And, it is really valuable to sponsors when there is a winner."

-Justin Forde, Asst. Director of Marketing & Promotions

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