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Text to Win Promotions

Text to Win promotions are a proven effective way to drive qualified leads to your showroom. Simply tag your existing ad campaigns with a Text to Win call to action.  Offer a large, motivating prize without the risk of a payout! When someone wins, Odds On’s A+ rated insurance will pick up the tab!

Text to Win Contest

Advertise: “In the market for a new/used car or truck?

Text ‘keyword’ to 31996 to win up to $10,000 towards your purchase instantly! Simply tag your existing ad campaigns with a banner, ribbon, scroll, or call out - Or, create an entirely new campaign around the promotion.

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Pick the Pros Mobile Contest

Qualified buyers come to your showroom to see what they won in our Prize Kiosk.

All demographic data is available for download to your CRM!


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Pick the Pros Mobile Contest

You close the deal!

We got them there, now work your magic!




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