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Scratch cards are a proven way to drive traffic,  reward behavior, increase sales and boost donations!  Customers simply scratch off a predetermined number of surfaces to reveal underlying symbols. When they unveil the correct number of matching symbols, Odds On will be there to pay for the prize.

Scratch Card Winner Wendie Burnham Wins $5,000

Scratch Card Winner - Wendie BurnhamAugusta, Me. – Congratulations to scratch card winner Wendie Burnham of Readfield who recently won $5,000, courtesy of Quirk Ford Augusta, and paid for by Odds On Promotions.

Burnham won the big bucks after playing a “Scratch, Match & Win” game during a sales event that took place at the dealership.

Burnham received an invitation to the sales event in the mail. Once at the dealership she was greeted by a sales team member who showed her some of the inventory available and gave her one of Odds On’s Scratch Cards. After receiving the card, Burnham scratched off six spots revealing six matching star symbols, winning a $5,000 prize.

Need a fast, easy and affordable way to drive sales to your location this summer? Imagine how much more powerful your advertising will be when you give your customers the chance to win up to $1,000,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions, simply for stopping by your location!

To learn more about Odds On’s in-stock, ready-to-ship Scratch Cards, give us a call today at
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Summer Promotion - Scratch Cards

Summer Promotion: Scratch Cards – Customizable and Stock

Summer Promotion - Scratch CardsLooking for a fun summer promotion for your casino? Odds On’s customizable Scratch & Win Cards are a fun and effective way to drive traffic to your location during the summer season.

Available in a variety of themes, cards can be customized to include your logo as well as a bounce back offer. Every card features a handy registration area on the reverse to assist you in creating a marketing database or running a daily or weekly guaranteed prize drawing.

Best of all, when a lucky customer unveils a grand-prize winning combination of symbols, Odds On will be there to write the check for your grand prize.

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Two Insured Promotions During Girl’s Night Out Event at Hotel

We’ve all heard it before, “Girls just wanna have fun.”  And what better way to have a grand ‘ol time than knowing you you could win up to $85,000 in cash and prizes?  Check out the following two contests that a promotions company insured through Odds On Promotions during a recent “Girl’s Night Out” event.

The first promotion which was insured that evening was a dice roll contest.  All attendees were given the opportunity to roll seven 1″ dice.  If all seven landed face-up, revealing an Audi logo, then that lucky lady would have driven home in style that night, to the tune of $35,000!

The second promotion insured that evening was a scratch card promotion. Where everyone attending the event got a chance to win big.   If any of the lucky ladies in attendence managed to unveil 6 star symbols, they would have won an instant $50,000… compliments of Odds On, of course.

“Insuring multiple promotions gives attendees multiple ways to win, which ends up boosting attendance and the likelihood of your event being a big success,” explains Zak Woodhead, Risk Manager at Odds On Promotions.  “Needless to say, when you incorporate prize coverage into your events, you give your attendees something to talk about for a long time to come.”

Interested in utilizing contest insurance at your next event?  Big or small, it doesn’t matter — call Odds On Promotions today at 888-827-2249 and we’ll help custom-tailor a giant prize promotion based upon your needs!  You can also email us at your convenience.

Bank Insures $25K Scratch Card Promotion at Tradeshow

Looking to increase traffic at your next big event or tradeshow?  Then how about insuring a customizable scratch card promotion, just like this U.S. Bank location in the Midwest did?

On the specified promotion date, attendees of the tradeshow who showed up at the bank’s booth were given a customizable scratch card, featuring U.S. Bank’s name and logo.  If an attendee managed to scratch off 6 areas on the card, revealing “stacks of cash” symbols, then they’d be an instant $25,000 winner and Odds On Promotions would pay for the prize!

But that’s not all!  They also gave attendees an added incentive to stop by and check out their booth by including a registration form on the back of the scratch card and gave one lucky randomly drawn attendee a $250 VISA Gift Card… provided by U.S. Bank!

Want more information on how you can make your next event or tradeshow a real traffic-driving success?  Contact Odds On today at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote or email us!  And be sure to check out our other tradeshow and event promotions.

Northeast Casino Insures $1,000,000 Scratch Card Promotion!

Casino properties, you’re sure to love this one!  This promotion story comes to us from a property in the Northeast, which is currently increasing foot traffic with an insured scratch card promotion worth one of four varying prize levels!

During the two-month-long promotional period, any player who signs up for a Player’s Card receives a scratch card from Odds On Promotions.  Players simply scratch six spaces on the card, to see if “star” symbols are revealed.

If a player manages to find all six spaces which contain the “star” symbol, they will then proceed to scratch off the “Prize Level” box on the bottom of the card to see what prize they’ve won!  If the Prize Level box reveals one dollar sign symbol ($), they’ll receive $5,000.  Two dollar sign symbols means they’ll win $10,000.  Three, $50,000.  All paid for by Odds On.

And here’s the most exciting part: if the Prize Level box shows four dollar sign symbols, then that extra lucky player will win $1,000,000… also paid for by Odds On Promotions!

“Scratch cards are an exciting and cost-effective way of driving traffic to your casino property”, according to Chris Gardiner, Northeast & Midwest Business Development Manager with Odds On Promotions. “Players love scratch card contests.  They like the idea of being able to get a physical card and choose which boxes they are going to scratch off.  It’s like your property’s very own lottery ticket!”

Interested in insuring a scratch card promotion?  Interested in another casino promotion we have to offer?  Give Odds On a call today at 888-827-2249 or email us for a free, no-obligation quote!  We’re happy to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals, whatever they may be!