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Fill your store with excitement, publicity, and best of all—customers. We’ve taken the concept of Hole In One Insurance to a whole new level. A level designed to help you sell cars!

Scratch Card Winner Wendie Burnham Wins $5,000

Scratch Card Winner - Wendie BurnhamAugusta, Me. – Congratulations to scratch card winner Wendie Burnham of Readfield who recently won $5,000, courtesy of Quirk Ford Augusta, and paid for by Odds On Promotions.

Burnham won the big bucks after playing a “Scratch, Match & Win” game during a sales event that took place at the dealership.

Burnham received an invitation to the sales event in the mail. Once at the dealership she was greeted by a sales team member who showed her some of the inventory available and gave her one of Odds On’s Scratch Cards. After receiving the card, Burnham scratched off six spots revealing six matching star symbols, winning a $5,000 prize.

Need a fast, easy and affordable way to drive sales to your location this summer? Imagine how much more powerful your advertising will be when you give your customers the chance to win up to $1,000,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions, simply for stopping by your location!

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Dealership Celebrates NFL Opening Day with 4 Promos

Looking to kick off the start of the NFL (or CFL) season in style this year?

Whether you’re a retailer looking to increase sales or a media company looking to boost TSL & CUME, you’re sure to pick up some pointers from this promotion in which a Canadian car dealership is teaming up with a local restaurant to insure four great promotions at their location through Odds On Promotions, come Opening Day!

The first three promotions being insured that day are Return for Riches promotions.  If a member of any of the three receiving teams returns the opening or second half kick-off for a touchdown, then a lucky patron customer will win a $25,000 vehicle, courtesy of the client’s dealership and paid for by Odds On!

The fourth and final promotion is a  Video Scratch & Win promotion, where each end every customer will have a chance to participate!  Customers simply select 6 areas on the touchscreen and attempt to find 6 matching football symbols.  6 out of 6 symbols will land them $50,000!  Smaller auxiliary prizes will also be awarded to customers who find fewer symbols.

Ready to insure your own football promotions in celebration of NFL Opening Day?  Give one of our marketing specialists a call today at 888-827-2249… or shoot us an email!  All of our quotes are free and no obligation.

Sales Driving Promotions for Every Business

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gaming industry, automotive industry, retail industry or otherwise — Odds On Promotions has some great promotions to assist you in driving sales this season!

Make Big Green on Black Friday
Retail Season is starting soon. Be your client’s hero and give them a great promotional idea that will make their registers ring … the chance to win a $1,000,000 shopping spree, paid for by Odds On Promotions.



“If it Snows On Christmas, All Your Purchases are Free”
Ideal for jewelry stores, auto dealers and furniture stores, a weather-based conditional rebate that not only drives traffic, but helps sales staff close more sales by offering just a little something extra than the place next door. And, if Mother Nature lets the snowflakes fly, your sponsor will get to kick back and take calls from the press, while Odds On Promotions writes the check! Not in snow country? No worries! This promotion can be built around any weather condition … including a record high or low!

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Money Bag Pick Promotion: Double Traffic at Your Next Event

money bag pick promotionDouble the turnout at your next car giveaway with a “Money Bag Pick” Promotion…

It’s simple. Advertise for players throughout the promotion to “Bring a Friend” with you to the final drawing. Load the trunk of the car with Money Bags from Odds On. When you select the car winner, their friend gets to select a Money Bag out of the trunk. If the Money Bag contains a set of keys, the friend also wins a car, paid for by Odds On! This same concept can be used with any type of giveaway and starts as low as $700.

Odds On Promotions

400 Email Addresses Obtained in 3 Hours

Promotion Aimed at Graduating Seniors a Big Success

Dover, Del. – To make the most of their participation in Senior Day at the University of Delaware, Price Scion in New Castle gave graduating students the chance to win a brand new Scion, paid for by Odds On Promotions, if the last six digits of their Social Security number matched the last six digits of the displayed Scion’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

According to Sasha Walsh, Director of Marketing for Price Auto Group, “This is a young audience – graduating seniors – so we put a Scion on display.  We had the Seniors  complete a survey and then they got a chance to see if they had the matching numbers. There was a huge line and as they waited, they got a chance to speak with our sales staff. This was a very successful promotion for us. We collected 400 emails in roughly a three hour time span.”

While there was no grand prize winner, those who participated didn’t go away empty handed. The dealership handed out a number of promotional items provided by Scion.