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Direct mail is a staple in most marketing campaigns. But, direct mail without a call to action usually ends up in the trash. Our promotions give you the best call to action known to man: the FREE chance to win a huge prize. With direct mail insurance, for a small fixed fee, you are able to run a risk-free promotion guaranteed to boost response rates.

  • Bar Coded Mailers

    Increase response rates during your next direct mail campaign with a chance to score big by stopping by your event/location by utilizing Odds On's Bar Coded Mailer Promotion. more»

  • Key Mailers

    Design a mailer with a real or make believe key enclosed inviting recipients to your location for a chance to win a new car. Once there, the key can either start a car or open a vault containing the keys to a new car. If successful, your customer wins big. more»

  • Newspaper Inserts

    Use a numbered insert and the chance to win a new car, truck or cash to lure customers to your location. more»

  • Posted Number

    Increase sales during your next direct mail campaign with a chance to win fabulous prizes just for visiting your location to check and see if they can match the winning numbers posted on your showroom wall. more»

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