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Odds On has great ideas to fill your store with excitement, publicity, and best of all—customers. We’ve taken the concept of Hole In One Insurance to a whole new level. A level designed to help you sell motorcycles!

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  • Dice - Cascading Dice Machine

    Get on a roll with Odds On's new Cascading Dice Machine for 1" dice! more»

  • Dice - Rollin' Up Riches

    Rollin Up Riches is a great, multi-round dice roll contest for casino floor promotions and events of all kinds. Use our jumbo sized dice for even more visability and excitement!  more»

  • Dice Roll

    Randomly select contestants to roll a set of custom dice for a chance to win big! more»

  • Lucky Envelope Games

    This is a great promotion which can be adapted to any situation. Give contestants the chance to pick the lucky envelope and win up to $1,000,000 covered by A+ Rated contest prize insurance. In addition to the grand prize, you can insure secondary prizes as well as offer sponsor-donated prizes in the remaining envelopes. more»

  • Lucky Hand Poker Run

    With Lucky Hand Poker Run, contestants buy-in for the chance to win big. Contestants travel your poker run course, stopping at the designated locations and selecting a card. At the end of the run, each contestant (or your volunteers) enters their contestant number and highest five-card “hand” into Odds On’s touch screen verification unit. If they have the preselected lucky hand, they win the giant prize, paid for by Odds On. more»

  • Prize Slot

    Our mini slot machine with full sized effects! Bright lights, entertaining sound effects, and 3D video reels give the Prize Slot the promotional power you are looking for at your next event. more»

  • Prize Vault

    This is our most flexible and popular promotion! Regardless of your venue, the prize vault is a guaranteed winner. Advertise the chance to stop by your event, store, game, etc., and let people try to crack the code and WIN. more»

  • Scratch Cards

    Scratch cards are a proven way to drive traffic and increase sales at your store. Customers simply scratch off a predetermined number of surfaces to reveal underlying symbols. When they unveil the correct number of matching symbols, Odds On will be there to pay for the prize. more»

  • Sports Related Rebate Promotions

    Offer a large rebate on all purchases during your sales event if your local team wins the big game, hits a grand slam, etc. more»

  • Video Scratch & Win

    With captivating video and engaging sound effects, these giant-prize Video Scratch & Win games will get your players lining up for the chance to win big! more»

  • VIN/Serial Number Match

    With your advertising, invite people to stop by your location to match their Social Security or Driver's License number to the Vehicle Identification Number of a new car or the Serial Number of a large check. more»

  • Weather Related Rebate Promotions

    Create a promotion around the weather and watch your sales skyrocket! Run a promotion advertising $1,000 rebates on purchases made during a specific month if it snows on Christmas Day. Or give a year's worth of payments to the first 100 buyers if it reaches 100 degrees on July 4th. The possibilities are endless! more»

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