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Weather Related Rebate Promotions

Create a promotion around the weather and watch your sales skyrocket! Run a promotion advertising $1,000 rebates on purchases made during a specific month if it snows on Christmas Day. Or give a year's worth of payments to the first 100 buyers if it reaches 100 degrees on July 4th. The possibilities are endless!

Conditional Rebate Weather Promotion

Conditional Weather Rebate - Merchants

Conditional Weather Rebate - Thurber's

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"We used the offer as an advertising hook on our billboards. And we got a lot of press from a TV station in Chicago who did a story on the promotion and a follow up piece. We were thrilled. Plus, we had some reinvestment when our customers came in to pick up their checks.  We’re ready for next year!"

-Erin Williams, Engstrom Jewelers

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