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Wow your customers with presentation and professionalism. Run a $1,000,000 Hollywood-style game show at your location using a custom, super-sized game board. Our library of themed game boards and variety of lucky envelope games are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. And, our A+ Rated prize indemnification insurance will be there when your contestant picks the winning combination of envelopes and it's time to cough up the cash!



Step by Step:


Select a game board design, lucky envelope game, insured grand prize amount and several self-insured consolation prizes geared for excitement. Or give us a call to help create a custom game board to suit your promotion and contest.


Advertise the chance to win Huge Prizes during your promotion and contest.


We'll send you a professionally constructed game board and game show supplies including security envelopes to fit your game. Place the envelopes within the game board and select your contestants.


Odds on will be there to pay for the winning prize!


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