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Dice - Cascading Dice Machine

Introducing our new, easy to run, 1” dice roll machine! Simply display the machine at your booth or event and advertise the chance to stop by and win fabulous prizes. Contestants get to blow on the dice for good luck, place them into the hopper, and press the button to release the cascade of excitement. The dice machine counts and videotapes each roll giving you an easy to run, show-stopping promotion! Spell W-I-N-N-N-E-R, M-I-L-L-I-O-N, $-1-0-0-0-0, or use your logos, etc., the possibilities are endless. And, when someone beats the odds, we’ll be there to pay for the prize!

Cascading Dice Machine

Step by Step:


Choose your grand prize, the number of contestants and customized symbols for each side of the dice. Then advertise the chance to win big at your location.


Contestants roll your customized 1” dice for a chance to win the giant prize.


When your contestant rolls the winning combination of symbols they’ll take home the giant prize and Odds On will write the check.


Themes Available

Click and choose from the following or give us a call to develop a custom cascading dice machine theme to fit your needs.


Cascading Dice Machine - Default

Cascading Dice Machine - Harley

Cascading Dice Machine - Harley


Cascading Dice Machine - Auto

Cascading Dice Machine - Halloween

Cascading Dice Machine - Holiday



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