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Ball in the Circle

Add excitement and raise more money for your cause by adding a giant insured prize to your closest to the hole golf contest. When one of your finalists hits a ball that comes to rest within the circle, they walk away with the prize, paid for by Odds On Promotions.


Ball in the Circle Golf Contest



Ball in the Circle Game Step by Step:


Choose a golf contest prize guaranteed to knock the socks off your tournament participants. Anything goes! We can cover hot air balloons, Rolls Royces, trips, boats, houses, horses or cold hard cash.


Call 888-827-2249 for a free quote. We will need the number of players you expect, the length of your target hole, the size of the circle, and the cash value of your prize.


We'll give you a free, no obligation quote, issue the necessary paperwork, and start drafting the check.

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