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Looking for golf tournament contest ideas? Odds On offers a variety of golf promotions to create excitement, generate publicity, and develop effective sponsorship packages at all levels of competition. From the junior golf to the PGA Tour, a $1,000,000 insured prize contest is a hole in one.

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  • Ball in the Circle

    A circle is way bigger than a cup! When one of your finalists hits a ball that comes to rest within the circle, they walk away with the prize, paid for by Odds On Promotions. more»

  • Chipping Contest

    Randomly select your contestants and let them try their luck at sinking a single 40 yard or longer chip for a huge prize. more»

  • Disc Golf

    Traditional golf isn't the only game we can insure. more»

  • Double Eagle

    Reward your tournament participants for the shot of a lifetime — a double eagle! more»

  • Golf Ball Drop

    This is a great attention-grabbing fundraising promotion. Drop golf balls from a helicopter above a target and if the number on the balls closest to the target match a pre-selected list, Odds On Promotions pays for the prize. more»

  • Hole In One Insurance

    Increase participation and add excitement to your golf tournament by offering attention-getting hole in one prizes. Odds On Promotions and our sister company, Hole In One International, can insure any hole in one contest for up to $1,000,000. more»

  • Million Dollar Shoot-Out

    Increase participation, raise money for your cause, and set your golf event apart with a shoot-out featuring a million dollar hole in one prize! more»

  • Miniature Golf

    Make a giant impact at your next miniature golf event by offering huge prizes for a hole in one! more»

  • Putting Contests

    Anyone can make a putt! Give contestants a chance to try their luck at sinking a 50-foot or longer putt for a huge prize. Indoors or out, putting contest insurance will cover the cost when the ball disappears into the cup. more»

  • Weather Cancellation Insurance

    Odds On Promotions can secure coverage for your event that protects against adverse or abnormal weather conditions that can reduce revenue or increase expense. more»

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"We've offered prizes before, but this was our first year using Hole In One International (HIOI) and Odds On Promotions (OOP). We were very pleased. It was much easier and faster. We used another company in the past, and it took well over six weeks to get the payout and with HIO/OOP we received our payment right away."

-Casey Smith, Admin. Manager

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