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Golf Ball Drop

Golf Ball Drop games are great attention-grabbing fundraising promotions. Sell sponsorships by placing the person's name on a numbered ball (golf, tennis, ping-pong, any kind of ball). Partner with a local radio or television station for publicity and the use of their traffic helicopter. Drop the balls from the helicopter above a target. If the numbers on the balls closest to the target match a pre-selected list, Odds On Promotions pays for the prize.

Golf Ball Drop Contest

Golf Ball Drop Step by Step:


Select your grand prize package, then advertise the chance to win big for supporting your cause!


Participants go to designated locations and make a donation for numbered golf balls. On the day of the event the golf balls are dropped onto a target from the sky.


When one of the golf balls falling closed to the target hole appears on a preselected list of numbered balls, Odds On covers the cost of the prize!


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