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Chuck a Puck

This is a great sports promotion idea for involving the entire arena. Give everyone in attendance a foam rubber puck and the chance to "Chuck A Puck" into the sunroof or window of a car parked at center ice. Or, number the pucks and use the center face off circle as the target for this Chuck A Puck game. If the preselected numbered puck comes to rest within the circle, Odds On pays the price for this hockey game.

Chuck a Puck Hockey Contest

Step by Step:


Pitch your hockey contest sponsor, select a grand prize package and advertise the chance to win big in your Chuck a Puck game.


Hand-out uniquely numbered foam rubber pucks prior to the designated game(s). Participants take their best shot to chuck their puck into the sunroof or window of a car parked at center ice and win your prize.


When a preselected numbered puck makes it through the target opening, Odds On Promotions foots the bill.

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