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Odds On offers a variety of hockey promotional ideas to create excitement, generate publicity, and develop effective sponsorship packages at all levels of competition. From the pee-wees to the pros, a $1,000,000 insured prize contest is a definite power play. Choose from our extensive selection of engaging hockey promotions.

  • Blue Line Shootout

    Randomly select a contestant from the crowd to take his or her best shot from the opposite blue line (minimum 114 feet). more»

  • Chuck a Puck

    Give everyone in attendance a foam rubber puck and the chance to "Chuck A Puck" into the sunroof or window of a car parked at center ice and WIN big. more»

  • Face Off Frenzy

    Give contestants the chance to show off their touch by shooting a puck cross ice from one face off dot to another in a Face Off Frenzy Hockey Contest! more»

  • Hat Trick

    An economical version of a Red Line Hockey Contest. more»

  • Hit the Post

    Hit the Post with a shot from the red or opposite blue line and walk away a winner. more»

  • Lucky Period

    A great promotion for the entire hockey season! Pick a giant prize and if any member of the home team scores within the first 25 seconds of the opening face-off, Odds On pays! more»

  • Misc. Hockey Arena Promotions

    Check out our unique hockey arena contests designed to allow anyone from students to Grandma to participate! more»

  • Player/Coach Contract Incentive Coverage

    Motivate performance with an incentive worth striving for. more»

  • Prize Plays

    Make any play worth big money! more»

  • Rapid Fire

    Line up 25 pucks at center ice, set the clock at 30 seconds and step out of the way as your contestant tries to skate home with the prize. more»

  • Red Line Shoot-out

    Our most popular hockey contest! Select a contestant to take their best shot from the red line through a template to win the prize! more»

  • Slap Shot

    This is an economical version of a red line shoot-out promotion. The rules are simple: Make two out of three from center ice and take home the prize! more»

  • Text, Match & Win

    Text, Match & Win is an affordable and effective promotion for increasing excitement in any sports venue. more»

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