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Text, Match & Win

Text, Match & Win is an affordable and effective promotion for increasing excitement in any sports venue. It’s easy! Odds On will create a custom text campaign featuring your prize, sponsor and optional coupon. Simply advertise your contest before and during the game instructing spectators to text an applicable KEYWORD to "31996" and watch the score board for their chance to win. If the numbers they receive via text match the ones revealed on the customized video playback (provided by Odds On), your lucky spectator wins the big bucks, and Odds On will be there to pay for the prize.



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How Text, Match & Win Works:


Advertise the chance to Text & Win prior to and during your event.


Spectators simply Text the KEYWORD to "31996" and receive a set of lucky numbers.


Winning numbers are revealed on a customized video playback provided by Odds On.


If the numbers your spectators received via text match the numbers revealed on the video playback, they win big and Odds On writes the check. Ex: Match 6, win $10,000, Match 5, win $1,000, Match 4-1, win sponsor prizes.

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