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Conditional Promotions

Build a promotion around any condition you can think of. Your favorite team/player winning the championship event. Your MVP scoring XX points. The possibilities are endless! And when the condition holds true, Odds On pays the price.


How It Works


Choose your sport, your condition, and your grand prize. Advertise the chance to win big if the condition holds true.


Randomly select your contestant(s), or give everyone the chance to win a portion of your grand prize.


When the condition holds true, your contestant(s) will win big, and you are off the hook because you purchased prize insurance from Odds On Promotions!

Featured Highlights

Attention-Grabbing - Showcase your business or sponsor. Giant-prize promotions ensure outstanding visibility making your business/sponsor stand out from the rest.

Increase Attendance and Traffic – The chance to win incredible prizes provides a powerful incentive to particpate.

Scalable – Give a single contestant or your entire market the chance to win a prize.

Headline-Grabbing– Big prizes, when combined with game day heroics, helps capture media attention.

Flexible – Qualification and contestant selection can be done in-store, online, via social media or during your game.

Cost Effective – Prize expenses are predetermined and fixed.

Affordable – Contest insurance allows you to offer up to a million-dollar prize for a fraction of the cost.

Risk Free – When you have a winner, Odds On pays for the prize.

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