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Sharp Shooter

This one is great fun! Drape a heavy tarp over the front of the goal with five cut-out target holes. The promotion is simple: Kick it through the top left hole and win $1,000,000. Top right, $500,000. Middle, $100,000. Bottom left or right, $25,000. How can you miss?

Sharp Shooter Soccer Contest

Step by Step:


Pitch your soccer promotion sponsor, select a grand prize package and advertise the chance to win big in your soccer contest.


Randomly select your contestant(s) and give them the chance to kick a perfect shot and win the insured prize.


When your lucky contestant successfully kicks it through the top left target hole opening they win $1,000,000, top right is worth $500,000, middle location lands them $100,000 and the bottom left or right is worth $25,000. All prizes paid for by Odds On, of course!

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