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Odds On offers a variety of solutions to create excitement, generate publicity, and develop effective sponsorship packages at all levels of competition. From the pee-wees to the pros, a $1,000,000 insured prize contest is a guaranteed winner.

  • Around the World

    Kick five goals into an open net from five different locations around the penalty box and win the grand insured prize. more»

  • Goal Post Kick

    Give a randomly selected fan three chances to kick from 18 yards attempting to hit each goal post. more»

  • Misc. Soccer Arena Promotions

    Check out our unique soccer arena contests designed to allow anyone from students to Grandma to participate! more»

  • Perfect Truck Kick

    Our most popular soccer promotion! Park a truck a set distance from pay dirt. Randomly select your contestants to pull off the perfect kick into the bed of the truck, and they'll drive away in style. more»

  • Player/Coach Contract Incentive Coverage

    Motivate performance with an incentive worth striving for. more»

  • Prize Plays

    Make any play worth big money! more»

  • Sharp Shooter

    Contestants have one attempt to make a perfect kick through one of five target holes cut-out on a sign placed over the front of the goal. more»

  • Soccer Rapid Fire

    Contestants have a predetermined number of seconds to make five of ten kicks through a generous target opening and win the insured prize! more»

  • Soccer Toss

    Give your contestants a chance to show off all their skills by throwing the ball (soccer style) through a template. more»

  • Sunroof Target Kick

    Give a lucky fan the opportunity to score big by kicking a soccer ball through the sunroof of a car. more»

  • Target Kick

    Contestants can score big prizes by kicking a regulation soccer ball through a target opening. more»

  • Text, Match & Win

    Text, Match & Win is an affordable and effective promotion for increasing excitement in any sports venue. more»

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