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May Promotions

Looking for ideas for boosting foot traffic and scaring up more play this May? Give your players to the chance to win amazing prizes and cold, hard cash, courtesy of Odds On Promotions. Check out these fun and affordable May-themed promotions.

Race to Riches Super Prize Wheel


Race to Riches Super Prize Wheel

May Moolah 8' x 10' e-Game Board


May Moolah electronic Game Board Promotion

Zoom Ball


May Moolah Zoom Ball     May Ole Zoom Ball


Themed Kiosk Games


Grand Slam Baseball Super Kiosk     Spring Bling VSW Deluxe Kiosk


Hot Seat Tablet Games


Spring Bling Hot Seat Tablet     May Moolah Hot Seat Tablet

May Ole 4' x 8' e-Game Board


May Ole electronic-Game Board

The Big Draw


The Big Draw

Customizable Scratch Cards


Spring Bling Scratch Cards

May Moolah Pull-Tab Cards


May Moolah Pull-Tab Cards


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