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February Promotions

Need an attention-grabbing promotion to boost traffic and play this February? Make headlines with a giant-prize promotion from Odds On Promotions! Whether you need to increase traffic, boost sales or reward your best customers, Odds On has a promotion that will help you surpass your goals. Best of all, when you have a big winner, we will be there to write the check.

Cupid's Cash Super Prize Wheel


Cupid's Cash Super Prize Wheel

Cupid's Cash e-Game Board

Cupid's Cash electronic Game Board Promotion          

Valentine's & Mardi Gras Zoom Ball

Valentine's Zoom BallMardi Gras Zoom Ball


Cupid's Cash & Mardi Gras Kiosk Promotions

Cupid's Cash Super Kiosk             Mardi Gras Lite Kiosk


Cupid's Pick Hot Seat Tablet

Cupid's Pick Hot Seat Tablet

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