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Lunar New Year Promotions

Celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year by giving your players the chance to score amazing cash and prizes with a big prize promotion from Odds On. Check out our winning line up of Lunar New Year ideas that are designed to capture attention and drive incremental gaming revenues, all within your existing marketing budget.

Lunar New Year Super Prize Wheel

Put a whole new spin on Lunar New Year with Odds On's customizable Super Prize Wheel! Easy to play, your qualified plays just step up and spin. When your contestant spins a winning combination, Odds On will be there to write the check. All of Odds On's customizable Super Prize Wheels feature a tidy 3' W x 4' D x 9' H footprint, back-lit prize panels, LED lights, and an attention-grabbing 40" LCD display that acts as a dynamic scoreboard during game play. On budget? Check out our affordable 50” virtual wheel or distribute play codes based on point earned and let players spin an online prize wheel at home.


Lunar New Year Prize Wheel - Mechanical

Lunar New Year Rollin' Up Riches

Give your players the chance to take home $1MM, paid for by Odds On, with Rollin’ for Riches. Qualifying contestants must "roll" various combinations to move up the prize board, collecting bigger prizes, until they are eliminated. When they reach the top and roll snake eyes, they'll win your million-dollar insured-grand prize, paid for by Odds On.


Dice Roll Box Lunar Year

Lunar New Year electronic-Game Boards

Give your players the chance to score cash and prizes all Lunar New Year-long with an e-Game Board! Players pick one of three symbols. Pick correctly, and they advance to the next level winning a minimum guaranteed prize. If your lucky contestant can pick correctly through all 10 levels, they will score your grand prize, up to $1,000,000, and Odds On will write the check. This promotion is perfect for controlling your budget down to the penny by awarding a set number of guaranteed winners at each level. This Lunar New Year e-Game Board is available on a variety of kiosk platforms ranging from an attention-commanding 80" kiosk to a portable tablet that's perfect for your next midweek Hot Seat promotion.

Lunar New Year e-Game Board            Lunar New Year 50-in e-Game Board

Lunar New Year Game Boards

Give qualified casino guests a chance to score amazing prizes with a Lunar New Year Game Board! Odds On will ship you 15 Lucky Envelopes, each containing a pre-determined dollar amount which you'll display on the game board. If your lucky player can select the five envelopes from your display that add up to $100, Odds On will write them a check for $100,000. Contest can be customized to suit a variety of budgets and promotion objectives.

Year of the Snake Game Board  Chinese New Year Game Board


Lunar New Year Zoom Ball

Looking for an extra attraction to drive traffic and play this Lunar New Year? Check out Odds On's customizable Lunar New Year Zoom Ball promotion! Fast-paced and action-packed, Zoom Ball will get everyone lining up for a chance to win up to $1,000,000, paid for by Odds On! To play, contestants simply press a button activating the ball blower and start rooting for a winning combination of red and gold balls (based on your preference) to fill the Zoom Zone. If someone draws five or six balls, they walk away a winner, and Odds On Promotions will pick up the tab!

Lunar New Year Zoom Ball


Lunar New Year Collect & Win Kiosk Game

Odds On's self-service collect to win games drive traffic and play by engaging & rewarding players based on theoretical value, without creating lines. Qualifying players get an instant chance to win up to $1MM and receive a "letter" or "symbol" as part of a larger collection game which can lead to another big payday, courtesy of Odds On. Award additional collection pieces based on player ratings and points earned – ensuring your promotion drives revenue while keeping players engaged and entertained.

Chinese New Year VSW Promotion    Lunar New Year VSW Promotion


Lunar New Year Customizable Pull-Tabs

Make every player feel like a winner during Lunar New Year with and affordable and completely customizable pull-tab card promotion! Hand out cards with every hand-paid jackpot, for suited blackjacks with a minimum bet, for meeting a pre-determined point criteria or for joining your club. With our custom cards, players simply pull off the tabs to reveal what they have won based on your custom prize matrix.


 Year of the Dog Pull-Tab Card   Year of the Dog Pull-Tab Card


Lunar New Year Scratch & Win WebGame

Keep your players engaged by giving them the chance to win incredible prizes, paid for by Odds On Promotions, with an easy-to-implement, mobile-friendly "scratch" promotion. Contestants scratch three spots on a customized digital scratch card. If one of them reveals three winning symbols, they'll score a prize, and if it's the grand prize Odds On will pick up the tab.


Lunar New Year Scratch & Win Game      Lunar New Year Scratch & Win Game

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