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Drive more traffic and sales with a giant prize sales promotion for your retail location.

Labor Day Promotion: Labor Day Loot – Money Bags & Lucky Envelopes

labor day promotion - labor day lootHere’s a high-impact promotion that’s perfect for an End of Season, Back to School or Labor Day Sale! Odds On will ship you 20 Money Bags and 20 Lucky Envelopes each containing a pre-determined dollar amount. Simply place each envelope inside a money bag, place the bags on display and advertise the chance to win big for visiting your location. On the final day of your event, select a lucky contestant and let them select three bags from your display. If your lucky contestant can find the three bags that add up to $100, Odds On will write them a check for $100,000, while you kick back and take calls from the press!

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Hot Summer Traffic Drivers for Your Business

summer promotion ideas - dice rollGet on a Roll This Summer

With a Giant-Prize Dice Roll

One of our most popular summer promotion ideas! Advertise the chance to win a giant discount, a new car, or an attention-grabbing $1,000,000 back-to-school shopping spree, with a quick roll of the dice! Collect registrations online or in-store, or invite everyone to a big party at your location and give all your contestants the chance to roll a set of customized 1″, 4″, 8″, or 16″ dice. If a lucky contestant can roll a winning combination of logos or letters (i.e. H-A-R-L-E-Y, M-O-N-E-Y, S-U-M-M-E-R, N-E-W-C-A-R, etc), they’ll score your grand prize, and Odds On will pick up the tab!

Summer Themed Dice Roll


summer promotion ideas - baseballSwing for the Fences
With a Big Dollar Baseball Promotion

Here’s a sure-fire way to stand out in your market and drive traffic and sales: a baseball-themed “Grand Slam Sales Event”! Just imagine the response when you give everyone who makes a purchase during your sales event a 100% rebate if your local major or minor league baseball team gets a grand slam during a particular inning, game, or series. And, when the big play occurs, Odds On will be there to write the checks for every purchase made.

Baseball Conditional Rebate Promotion

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summer promotion ideas - video scratch and winMake Your Business the Hot Spot
With a Video Scratch & Win Game

Drive traffic to your store, tradeshow booth, offsite sale – anywhere, by giving customers the chance to win up to $100,000 in cash and prizes playing Odds On’s Hot Spot Video Scratch & Win Game. Visitors simply select six spots on the game’s touchscreen in hopes of unveiling a winning combination of symbols. If they locate the six grand prize-winning symbols, they’ll win big, and Odds On will write the check. Looking for a real wow? This game can be customized with your logo and programmed to award a series of attention-getting, self-sponsored secondary prizes including coupons, logo’d merchandise and/or smaller cash prizes to everyone who unveils fewer symbols. That’s what makes this one of our most customizable summer promotion ideas!

Summer Themed Video Scratch and Win Game

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Basketball Bracket Contest from Odds On: Net Big Cash


Basketball bracket contest: looking to run one? It’s not too late! For as little as $250, you can give 1000 of your biggest “fans” the chance to win $10,000 in a Net Big Cash Perfect Bracket promotion from Odds On.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Advertise the chance to win up to $10,000 for participating in your Perfect Bracket promotion.

2. Customers visit your location, complete your bracket and start rooting for their teams to advance to the finals.

3. If a lucky fan picks them all right, they’ll win big, and Odds On will pick up the tab.

Call 888-827-2249 today and ask for our $250 March Bracket Program!

P.S. Want to offer a bigger prize or reward fewer picks? Ask about our Million-Dollar and Custom Bracket Contests that start at $750.

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Online Retailer Insures $100,000 Hair-Raising Offer

online retailer - free hair for life

Are you an online retailer looking to increase your online traffic? How about giving your customers the chance to win $100K or “free hair for life” for visiting your site?

Starting today,, an Atlanta, GA based online retailer of hair extensions will be giving customers the chance to win $100,000, free hair for life, bundles of hair, discounts, complimentary shipping and more in an online instant win game insured by Odds On Promotions.

According to Odds On’s Damien Anderson, “Starting October 5th, clients who click on the promotional banner located on the client’s web and social media sites, will be directed to an online instant win game that will prompt customers to enter their contact information for a chance to Spin and Win a prize.  If wheel stops in the just the right location they will win $100,000 paid for by Odds On,  or one of a selection of consolation prizes paid for by Odds On.”

Interested in adding more names to your database? Want to give your customers the chance to instantly win a giant cash prize or a life-time supply of your merchandise?
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Weather Rebate: Increase Sales And Give Customers A Chance To Win Big!

weather rebateHave you ever heard of a weather rebate promotion?  Imagine the response when you advertise that everyone making a purchase during your “Snow Day Saleabration” will get a 100% rebate, if there’s snow on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day!

Or, turn it around and offer a rebate if there’s not enough snow for customers to use that brand new 4-wheel drive, snow machine or snow blower by the end of January, February or March!

Did you know? Conditional rebates can also be sports-based.  Award a 100% rebate on all purchases made during a promotional period if your local team wins the big game, hits a grand slam, scores a defensive touchdown – you name it!

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