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Hundreds of exciting giant-prize fundraising contest and promotion ideas designed to help nonprofit organizations raise funds and awareness.

Fall Promotion Ideas for Every Business!

Looking  Fall promotion ideas that will drive more traffic during your “No Sales Tax Weekend” or “Back to School” sale?  Want to make your Labor Day Sale a “not to be missed” event or throw a spooktacular Halloween celebration?  Check out some of our most popular seasonal promotions below, and then give us a call today at 888-827-2249 for more Fall promotion ideas for your business.


fall promotion ideas - cauldronsCauldrons of Cash and Prizes
Scare up more business this October with a Truck or Treat, Lucky Pumpkin Pick, or a Cauldron of Cash and Prizes promotion! Odds On will send you a set of our Lucky Envelopes each containing a prize symbol, which you’ll place on display inside black plastic cauldrons or little orange pumpkins. If a lucky contestant can select the envelopes holding the winning combination of symbols, Odds On Promotions will treat them to your giant prize!
Learn About Lucky Envelopes


fall promotion ideas - footballFootball Season
Are you ready to score big points with football fans? Want to give your customers the chance to kick, toss or text their way to incredible prizes? Looking to increase sales, support the home team or make a big splash at the big game? Odds On Promotions can help!  Email or give us a call today for a copy of our Football Promotions Playbook!
More Football Promotions


fall promotion ideas - shop spin winShop, Spin & Win
Reward shoppers during your Tax-Free or Back to School Sale with the chance to win cash and prizes, paid for by Odds On Promotions with a Shop, Spin & Win promotion. Distribute play codes during your sale, directing shoppers to your web or social site to enter their code for a chance to Spin & Win more prizes. If a lucky shopper has the winning touch, they’ll win your grand prize, and Odds On will pick up the tab. Perfect for awarding discounts and post-sale bounce-back offers.
Shop, Spin, and Win

Weather Insurance Coverage Pays Off for Youth Baseball Team

weather insurance coverageLeawood, Kan. – Ever wonder if weather insurance is worth the investment?  Imagine if your golf tournament was an essential part of your annual budget and you woke up to an unseasonably late snowfall.

This May, the Kansas City Royals weren’t the only baseball team that had to cancel a big event thanks to a late season snowstorm. On May 3, 2013, the KC Rays, a travelling youth baseball team, had to cancel their annual golf fundraiser at the Prairie Highlands Golf Course in Olathe, after Winter Storm Achilles delivered an historic amount of late season snow to the Midwest and parts of the South.  The golf event, which raised just over  $7,000 for travel expenses and uniforms, is a critically important part of the team’s annual fundraising efforts.

However, thanks to Odds On Promotions, this cloudy situation ended up having a very silver lining. That’s because the KC Rays had taken out a weather insurance policy to ensure that the bad weather didn’t spoil their entire season. The team’s event was insured for $7,200, which meant that the season wouldn’t be a complete bust.

According to Branden Banks with Haas and Wilkerson, who helped the KC Rays secure their coverage, “This insurance coverage was a huge safety net for the team – there just wouldn’t have been enough time to recoup what the golf tournament generated. Our Odds On Promotions representative, Damien Anderson, kept me posted throughout the claims process. He was great to work with. Having this coverage took the burden off of everyone. The team was very grateful.”

Interested in protecting your event from whatever weather Mother Nature may throw your way? Give us a call today at 888-827-2249 for more information on weather insurance for your upcoming event or with any questions you may have!

Horseshoe Toss Promotion Insured by Payment Solutions Company

horseshoe toss promotionReady to increase those fundraising dollars and get everyone totally amped up to “pitch” in with donations… all by insuring a contest with Odds On Promotions?  One of my clients, a payment solutions company based in Texas, ended up insuring a horseshoe toss promotion at an annual ‘shindig’ at a local country club.

On the date of the event, each attendee pitched in money to have their name put into a raffle.  Whomever’s name was drawn would be the contestant chosen to pitch a ringer for a chance to win an instant $10,000… paid for by Odds On!

I really enjoyed helping insure this promotion due to the fact that it assisted with fundraising for a variety of local charities, including the community’s local 4-H Organization, which helps fund youth development programs.  Furthermore, while there was no $10,000 grand prize winner, the client still gave away a spectacular self-insured prize: an all-inclusive 2014 Kentucky Derby® vacation package for next year’s big races!  Talk about a company who knows how to put on one heck of a fundraiser!

Insuring a horseshoe toss promotion is not only cost-efficient and simple to facilitate, but the contest itself can be held at any time, anywhere — which gives you the freedom to have the horseshoe toss promotion wherever you please!  Odds On will simply supply you with all the necessities to offer an insured grand prize for the individual who [hopefully] happens to make that ringer!

If you need more fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations, please give Odds On a call today at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote… or email us for a free copy of our Top 10 Fundraising Contests & Promotions PDF!  We’ll do whatever we possibly can to help make your next fundraising event a complete success!

Golf Contest Helps Raise Funds for Basketball Team’s Charity

golf contest - 60-foot puttDamien Anderson, Internet Business Development Manager with Odds On Promotions shares how an aviation company in the Southwest managed to help raise funds for a basketball team’s charity by insuring a grand prize golf contest...

In order to help fundraise as well as improve their name recognition, an aviation company in the Southwest insured a putting contest at the charity’s 25th Annual “Jump Ball Gala” event, which featured appearances by Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson (“KJ”) of NBA fame.

Individuals who made a donation at the event had the opportunity to participate in a 15-foot putting golf contest.  All those who successfully holed the putt then had their names placed in a bowl.  Out of all those who qualified, one lucky attendee’s name was drawn and they were given the opportunity to make a final 60-foot putt.  If they holed that grand prize putt, they would have been given the gift of flight — $20,000 in free private flight hours, paid for by Odds On Promotions.

Interested in insuring one of our many golf contests at your next big event?  Whether it’s a trade show, charity event or otherwise, we’re guaranteed to have something just for you!  Give Odds On Promotions a call at 888-827-2249 or email us for more information!

Pssst – Remember the infamous Shot at Glory hole-in-one challenge at the infamous 16th green at TPC Scottsdale earlier this year, which Odds On’s sister company, Hole In One International, insured?  The aforementioned charity just so happened to be the title sponsor for that event!  Furthermore, the aviation company teamed up with Hole In One International to also insure a hole in one contest on three separate courses at Desert Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale, Arizona!  What can we say?  Our clients just can’t get enough of us!

$75,000 cow chip bingo promotion

Cow Bingo: Rotary Club Raises Bucks for Local Non-Profit

cow bingo

What do you get when you combine a cow, bingo, a field and a $75,000 prize?
Here at Odds On, we call it one heck of an attention-getting fundraiser!

This March, during the 19th Annual Florida Gateway Pro Rodeo, the Rotary Club of Lake City is giving donors a chance to win $75,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions, in a Cow Bingo fundraiser.

How Now Cow Bingo?

Also known as Cow Pie Bingo, Bovine Bingo and Cow Patty Bingo, Cow Chip Bingo gives donors the chance to win prizes based on where a bovine does his or her business.

After selecting an appropriate space – in this case, a very large field –  the contest organizers will create a large grid of numbered square-yard “plots”, selling numbered “deeds” for each plot to donors. On the date of the promotion, the bovine will be released at the center of the field to roam about and do “what comes naturally.”

After the bovine “does its business”, the location will be noted and whomever “owns” that square will be named the winner, taking home a guaranteed $2,500 prize. However,  if the square happens to be the same “Lucky Square” preselected by Odds On, the owner will win – no bull – $75,000, paid for by Odds On.

Deeds to each “square yard” of the field are selling for $10 a piece. All funds raised in the Rotary Club of Lake City’ $75,000 Cow Chip Bingo promotion will support the Columbia County School Foundation’s Backpacks 4 Food Program.

Interested in plotting your very own attention-getting promotion? From Golf Ball Drops, to Poker Runs to Duck Rolls and Jumbo Dice, Odds On as a great promotion for you.  For more information check out our fundraising promotions page on our website or better yet, email or pick up the phone and give us a call today at 888-827-2249.